a tool for enrichment analysis of transposable elements in plants


1. How can I perform transposable element enrichment analysis for my gene list?

PlanTEnrichment offers a simple yet functional user interface for the enrichment analysis. Just simply paste your gene list and define other parameters then submit your job. Getting enrichment results may take up to minute(s) depending on server workload and total number of genes in your list.

How to search?

2. How can I manage my search results?

Enrichment analysis results are provided in a searchable and sortable table. They are also downloadable as tab-delimited text file and portable network graphics formats.

How to search?

3. Which genome assemblies do we use for the identication of co-localized gene-repeat element pairs?

We made use of the following genome assemblies while constructing our co-localization database tables:

# Species Assembly
1 Arabidopsis thaliana TAIR10
2 Brachypodium distachyon v1.0
3 Glycine max V1.0
4 Hordeum vulgare ASM32608v1
5 Medicago truncatula MedtrA17_4.0
6 Oryza sativa IRGSP-1.0
7 Populus trichocarpa JGI2.0
8 Solanum lycopersicum SL2.50
9 Sorghum bicolor Sorbi1
10 Triticum aestivum TGACv1
11 Zea mays AGPv4